About Me


About me

Welcome to Kate Chilver Photography. I live in lovely Colchester with my hubby Craig, and our three amazing children Marcie, Bodhi and Rowe. I love wild swimming, and am way too obssesed with house plants. I love all things creative, and you will often find me sitting at my sewing machine trying to make clothes for the kids but failing miserably (small head holes and no arm holes type thing).
I paint, draw and craft with the kids as much as I can like my mum did when I was little. There was always time for creating something in our house-my mum is an eccentric lady who seems muddles through life making and crafting. She is my influence for Kate Chilver Photography and the need for my ‘creative fix’. The photography industry feeds my creativity, I love creating images and telling stories from weddings and family shoots  documenting days and experiences through pictures. The moments I capture potentially could stay forever in my clients lives, passed from generation to generation and that makes me feel very privileged to do what I do.


So I am a wife to an awesome man called Craig. We used to go to the same school but randomly met whilst travelling around Australia, we were staying in the same hostel in Brisbane. We have been together for 15 years!!!!!
He is also a wedding photographer. Craig is an insane photographer and taught me everything I know. We used to work together, for over 6 years both as a team and separately too. This continued when our first born  Marcie came along. Then twins Bodhi and Rowe came into our lives last year, and I decided I wanted to photograph more locally. So we have separated our old site we shared together, and now have Two shiny new sites – Kate Chilver Photography and Craig Williams Photography. Craig is a London Wedding Photographer and shoots all over the world.


Marcie: My moon child. Beautiful and dynamic, she is bossy and intelligent and knows exactly what she wants. She is kind and is always thinking of others, there is never a day goes by where she isn’t trying to solve one of life’s little mysteries. She loves mud and water and anything bug related.
Rowe: My cool child. Handsome and angelic, he is chilled and thoughtful and is always smiling. He loves people and life. He loves to play and loves company, he is determined and has fiery streak if he doesn’t get what he wants. He loves toy cars anything metal that he can lick.
Bodhi: My adventure child. Handsome and determined, he is thoughtful and fearless and always wants to climb. He is a thrill seeker and knows what he wants. He will happily play by himself and will always want to claim something out of his reach. He is kind and knows when you need a hug. He loves a play kitchen and eating leaves. 


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