Essex Wedding Photographer

Hi I’m Kate Chilver. A Essex Wedding Photographer who lives in Colchester with my awesome family- Daughter Marcie and Twins Bodhi and Rowe. I specialise in Modern and Alternative Wedding Photography.
I have been a Photographer and artist along side my partner, London Wedding Photographer Craig Williams for the last 8 years. After the birth of our first Child in 2014 then quickly followed by twins 16 months later I had to give up my spot as Craig’s wing Man/Woman.
This means I’m taking my skill and the experience I have of shooting weddings all over the world with Craig, to the beautiful folks getting married in and around Essex and Suffolk.
I have shot hundreds of weddings both as an individual and as part of Storytelling is what I love, and documenting atmosphere is very important to me.
I want to show your connection and your quirks and everything that makes you unique to each other.
I want your wedding Pictures to be a lasting reminder of how awesome the start of your journey into the adventure of married life was.
Before starting a family you would normally find me travelling everywhere and anywhere, looking for a good spot to go wild swimming, or parked somewhere with a beautiful view in our camper van and having coffee. Things now are different my life is full of all kinds of madness, and I love it. Every day like its an adventure, don’t get me wrong I need a lot of coffee and chocolate to help me get through the sleepless nights, but I know how insanely lucky I am.
Its really important you ‘get’ my photography and my approach. If you are looking for a Wedding Photographer in Colchester, or up to 60 miles outside drop me an email. I would love to hear your plans.